I have an idea of what should be done with the EPA ruling on carbon dioxide. We should all call for the abolishment of the EPA, thus putting all those who work for this corporate government agency out of work. With all those people in the EPA no longer having a job to drive to they would no longer have to worry about the CO2 emissions that used to be generated from their vehicles.

Plus, we would have one less government agency micro-managing our lives, destroying jobs and the economy. We would also capture back more of our liberties and freedom of choice that was bestowed on us by our founders in a limited republic.

Neither Griffin nor Nofs is the answer to Michigan’s problems, and your article suggesting that a Nofs’ victory is a victory for the Tea Party movement falls short of the target.

Both major party candidates are long-time political insiders — one liberal, the other “moderate” and neither is responsive to the people.

The Independent candidate Steve Mobley has been a part of the Tea Party movement and has more grassroots support than either of the two major party candidates.

Either Nofs or Griffin is business as usual — and that is no longer good enough for the people of Michigan.

David Hinz

I am a conservative and never been to an Olympics. My home is relatively close to Chicago and this would have been a nice opportunity to go.

No one should mistake a “celebration” by conservatives that Chicago wasn’t chosen. Instead, there is recognition what we knew all along: Obama’s personal aura and self importantance doesn’t count for much on the world stage. In fact, his “all about me” speech may have lessened Chicago’s chance at the silver rings.

Like it or not, the world media journalist don’t get “shivers up their leg” when Obama speaks. If there are shivers, it might be from laughter.

While I would have like to see a near by Olympics, had it come to fruition, I have no doubt the the corruption of that city and ensuing problems would have overshadowed any benefit. I also know the propensity for violence, (as highlighted by the recent honor student beating death) which is epidemic in any American big city would have reached the world stage.

Ironically, this violence doesn’t even take into consideration the possibility of terrorist targeting a Chicago Olympics. Given Obama’s weak stance and weakening of our defenses, this increases the chance of another 9/11 on our soil.

Jim Chioda

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