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Reporting Michigan launched on September 1, 2009 and more and more people are visiting the website to get award winning reporting from Editor Tom Gantert.

So far, Tom has reported on many of the hot topics in today’s political scene including the national health care reform debate, the explosion of activism in the tea party and heath care forums and many other stories of interest to conservatives and moderates in a unbiased way that go unreported by the mainstream media.

The liberals have dominated the media message both in tradition outlets and now in the new emerging social media. The Center for Independent Media has an annual budget of $4.1 million for which it uses to fund six non-profit left-leaning newspapers in the country. This includes The Michigan Messenger, which recently referred to Tea Party protesters as “teabaggers” in two headlines. Reporting Michigan, by our research, is the first independent conservative non-profit news site in the country.

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